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" To build confidence, trust, reliance, and loyalty for consumers and business owners alike by creating dedicated gTLDs to specifically serve the Communities of INC's, LLC's, LLP's and CORP's... " Read More

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US Corporate Domain Community

Businesses representing themselves as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships by including INC., LLC, LLP or Corp. in their business names create an expectation amongst consumers that they have the legal right, to conduct business in the United States. Unfortunately, consumers are currently unable to quickly verify the accuracy of this representation. Fraudulent business entities rely on this consumer assumption and the lack of available verification resources to prey on both businesses and consumers. As online commerce replaces the brick-and-mortar businesses there has been a corresponding rise in business identity theft online, which in turn creates a lack of consumer confidence.

In the vast majority of states, the Secretary of State is responsible for overseeing the business enity registration in their state – from the registration of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships and verification of business filings, to the administration of the Uniform Commercial Code, an act which provides for the uniform application of business contracts, registrations and practices across the United States. The Secretaries’ role is critical in creating the only searchable database of corporate registration information. Further, the various Secretaries of State who perform this function represent the only governmental officials who oversee business filings and formations. Hand in hand with this duty, the Secretaries of State are responsible for the chartering of businesses that wish to operate in their state. Accordingly, the Secretaries of State maintain all records of business activities within the state, and in some states, the Secretary of State has wide-ranging regulatory authority over businesses as well.

DOT Registry’s entity specific corporate domains will be exclusively available to members of the Registered US Business Communities of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships i.e., any registered INC, LLC, LLP or CORP in the United States, as verified through each applicant’s Secretary of State’s Office. By verifying that an applicant is a US registered Corporation, Company or Partnership, Dot Registry, LLC will be able to bring unprecedented clarity and security to consumers and business owners, assuring internet users, registry applicants, and others that web addresses ending in an entity specific extension such as .INC, .LLC, .LLP or .CORP are a hallmark of a valid US business recognized by a governmental authority of the United States. This process will decrease the possibility of identity misrepresentation in a cyber setting and assist lesser-known businesses in legitimizing their services to consumers.

By choosing an entity specific domain for your company you are creating the ultimate professional image for your business and ensuring to your customer base that you believe in transparency in operations and the importance of business integrity.